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CBD products Created By Doctors™ and formulated to work synergistically with your endocannabinoid system. Early research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) can be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle when used as a supplement, and even serve as a possible alternative to traditional medications for a range of ailments. 

CBD Products Created By Doctors™

Established in 2017


Established in 2017, our physician led company, Drs. & Co.TM has been striving to produce superior products and consumer education in the CBD industry. Our manufacturing facility, Pacific Manufacturing and Design, was created out of necessity. In an industry lacking in quality, consistency, and ingenuity, we wanted to create a manufacturing facility and brand that aimed to solve all three. Pacific Manufacturing & Design was founded in October 2018 and we officially opened our facility in February 2019. 

Our team of trusted physicians and scientists focus on integrating their medicinal and scientific knowledge with their extensive research into all aspects of hemp to create innovative formulations with the highest bioavailability. We strive to be different because we believe consumers need education, consistency and transparency in their products. Just as our patients look to us with trust and reassurance, we want to provide that same level of comfort to our consumers.